Metro PCS Unlimited vs Straight Talk Unlimited Plan

by GuestPoster on 4:31 pm

There are about four prepaid companies you should know about.  Metro PCS, Straight Talk, TracFone, and Verizon Wireless (which is coming out with its own unlimited prepaid plan soon.  One of the hottest plans in the business right now is the Metro PCS Family Plan, which is an unlimited plan that allows families to save at least five dollars per line per month on up to four cell phones.  You can see how this could be a very good advantage for a large family.  Straight Talk, on the other hand, also has an unlimited prepaid plan, but there is no advantage to buying additional lines.  There is not additional savings in that way, but you can save on money over time because your monthly rate can decrease.

So the basic way to compare MetroPCS vs Straight Talk unlimited plan is by how many lines you are responsible for.  If you are responsible for a few lines for your family, then it may be a good idea to purchase the Metro PCS Family Plan, which allows you to save $5 per line on four additional lines. If you just need one unlimited line, Straight Talk is a very good plan to consider.  The unlimited plan is pretty nice, granting users unlimited text, voice, and web browsing.  It also depends on which kind of phone you are looking for.  So comparing service plans is one way to go about it and another way is to compare the phones available.  If you are interested in a higher end phone, Metro PCS Family Plans can be used with several new MetroPCS android smartphones that have been recently released.

You should also consider the network coverage in your immediate area of residence, because you really want the best possible coverage that you can find.  Still, you just can’t go wrong with MetroPCS or Straight Talk.  Both companies have a lot to offer and should save you money over the life of your phone plan.  There’s no reason to sing a contract when there are companies that will give you similar service with no contract necessary.  Good luck.

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