Perfume Review: Bambu for Men by Adolfo Dominguez

by GuestPoster on 4:32 pm

This perfume by Adolfo Dominguez keeps the same natural aromatic line of his first fragrances, generally named after the main note, like Agua de Sandalo (sandalwood water), Vetiver, or Agua de Rosas (rose water). In this case, the idea is of an oriental wood of bamboos, including additional concepts of oriental earth an spices.
In the first minutes the fragrance shows green and fresh notes that feel like a mix of musk and sage, plus a dry cedar wood in the background. All in all, it reminds of some masculine perfumes by Bulgari, like Aqva or Aqva Marine, or One Million by Paco Rabanne. In the middle phase, the spicy group focuses on a black pepper line, which evolves towards sage, with more groups of dry floral notes of iris. The note of cedar wood also evolves towards something more indefinite, which could actually be the bamboo, but also papyrus or lotus. After about two hours, the aroma evolves further, with iris getting closer to a classic and very intense jasmine (on the verge of violet) and with pepper and dry wood becoming nutmeg. In the background, a fresh note of bergamot starts to appear, but it won’t interfere with the violet-iris notes, which will remain dominant until the end.

Taking into account the intention behind the perfume, of creating an idea of an oriental bamboo wood, this fragrance reminds of the first Kenzo perfumes, like Kenzo Homme, or Kenzo Jungle), which could be either loved or hated. Likewise the bamboo note in this Adolfo Dominguez perfume tends to be intrusive and not really suitable for an office environment. A night scenario is where this fragrance has the greatest potential, especially during the summer in semi-informal occasions like business dinners. Its intrusiveness plays also against romantic situations, where the sage can be shocking without being attractive. Most suitable for men over 35 years of age.

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